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With the Coronavirus (COVID-19) affecting many outdoor businesses with reduced customers, limited opening or being closed altogether, maybe it is an ideal time to get on top of pest control? We use state of the art thermal and nightvision so working in the hours of darkness is no problem!

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We provide discrete pest control to protect trees and saplings from damage caused by unwanted pests. 

Agricultural and Equestrian

Foxes, rabbits, rats, pigeons and corvids cause an immense amount of damage to crops and livestock. In addiition, we specialise in equestrain holdings to remove rabbits in your paddocks before your horse injures itself by stepping in a rabbit hole! The equipment we use causes no disturbance to livestock.

Recreational and Domestic

From golf courses suffering rabbit damage, to a back garden rat problem, we can remove pests without using posion, quietly, discretely and out of hours.